Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, space cadets!
May it be fruitful and full of fruit. THE PHOENIX IS BEING RELEASED THIS WEEKEND!! Sorry. I'm a tad excited. That's right; The Phoenix comic, Issue 1 shall be released this Saturday, the 7th of January. And long may it continue to soar. It seems to have come round so fast! I know, from the creators I've had the pleasure to meet and from being inside my own head, that we have all worked so hard on this baby, so I really hope you enjoy it!

If you don't know what I'm talking about (who ever does, wheeeeeee) or have forgotten the link or where you can subscribe to the comic, here's that link again. Here. I mean, here.
My on-going shorts, 'Cogg and Sprokit', will be starting in Issue 4, I believe, with a big ol' cover featuring our strapping adventuring duo. In the mean time, here's two sample sneak peeks to tide you over. Happy January, you guys!


Gillibean said...

Ooh! Congratulations Jamie! Best of luck with it! send me all the tweets so I retweet it for you!

Jon Davis said...

Wow, cool stuff, hope it goes well. Sorry I'ma bit late in spotting this :)