Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I've been a bit lacking with the posts recently, for which I can only apologise, but in my defence, I have been really busy with various things, and, of course, the little holiday which is heading our way.
Basically, the little stick man is for my friend Fran. I can't remember if this is exactly how he looks, but this is the vision which haunts my nightmares.
And the second illustration is of Father Christmas. He's stocked up on the brandy, cuz he knows this is going to be a long one...
Oh, and the Soupa Market opens tomorrow, which is why I have been away from my computer and busy trimming, packing and labelling all manner of handily crafted things, all ready for last minute crimbo gifts. Or something like that...

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas is coming...

ARGH! Apparently it's Christmas already?! When did this happen? Although the shops of my lovely town have been playing Christmas music since the beginning of November, so I shouldn've seen it coming. But as it's December, I reckon it's legally time for all things Christmassy.
And as such, here is one of the greetings cards I'll have for sale at the Soupa Market ( this month (one of 3...ooooooo), and another flyer for the wonderful folks at White Rabbit Promotions! That gig is on at The Horn in St.Albans on the 18th of December and features the very own band. Busy month indeed! Noel, comrades, noel.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SoupaMarket Poster!

It's all go as of the 17th of December (yes, I do believe I got the date wrong in my last post!). It's gunna be especially fantastic, so please come on down! I'll be manning the stall alongside awesome illustrator Elissa Elwick ( on Thursday 17th (the opening, ALRIGHT), as of 6pm, so please do come and say hello if you can! Do it, baby.