Thursday, 19 January 2012

Phoenix has Landed!

Hello, hello!
Well, what a last few weeks! The Phoenix Comic launched (in a firestorm of pure joy and AWESOME AWESOMENESS) on the 7th at the Oxford Story Museum, and what a launch it was!

Photo 1: ISSUE 1, BABY!!
Photo 2: Wonderful illustrator Laura Anderson and myself, clutching onto the precious issue 1 and a rather spiffing folder to collect the issues into.
Photo 3: Phoenix comics! Can you see Cogg and Sprokit?!

So many people turned up, fans, industry folk, comic creators (including the wonderful Sarah McIntyre, whose photos I have cheekily used in this blog post) and children of all ages, and there was much talking, drawing, laughing and such a positive response to a comic that I, as well as many others apparently, think will go far. Not only far, into SPACE, somewhere. And also there was seriously, what, a billion cakes (which tatsed phenomenal)?! Just fantastic. The only thing I was sad about was the fact that I didn't get to meet Philip Pullman, of whom I'm a huge fan, but I was so distracted by beautiful, beautiful Phoenix Comics. And Phoenix cake.

If you don't know what the great Phoenix Comic is, be sure to have a look, why dontchya?! Here!

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