Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Introducing: 'Cogg and Sprokit'

Hello fine readers! And may I say you are all looking mighty fine today indeed. I have some splendid news! In fact...I should have revealed it last week, but I'm rubbish! At last; I can reveal one of the projects I have been slaving over recently...my very own comic mini-series! YEEEAAAAHHH!!

It is called 'Cogg and Sprokit', and will be serialised in the up-coming, awesome, splendid, FANTASTIC British story comic 'The Phoenix', which will be launching this January. I've seen some of the comics that will be within the pages of this weekly comic, and let me tell you; they look incredible. Why, you could see samples of them yourself, as there is a Phoenic newsletter which you can subscribe to on the site. Good times, ahead!

But yeah; Cogg and Sprokit! My very own story about adventurers Cogg (a rather gentleman-like Hippo with a penchant for gadgets) and Sprokit (a lively youngster with the incredible ability to wear a scarf no matter the climate or weather!) Together, they quest on many an epic adventure, discover many a forgotten treasure and vanquish many a devious, malicious foe. Sometimes. For the time being, Cogg and Sprokit will be a 4 pages long mini-story running roughly every few weeks (details to be confirmed), and let me tell you; I have had the time of my life working on it, I hope you guys enjoy reading it! I'll be updating this blog with more information as I get it, and with a few cheeky bits of concept art.

Until then: take care, amigos!