Friday, 27 January 2012

A Week of Releases!

Next week is going to be an intense week. Everything I have been going on about over the last few months will be released in one big explosion of stuff being put on shelves (not the mightiest of explosions, I know, but an explosion none-the-less).

First up we have 'Cogg and Sprokit', my mini-series being serialised every few weeks in the magnificent Phoenix Comic. The first episode launches TOMORROW in Issue 4 of The Phoenix, or today if you've subscribed, I think, and I could not be more excited. Let me know what you think of it, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. It is basically one (mis)adventure after another as the dynamic (read; unlucky) duo go in search of treasure, adventure and ways to keep their heads attached to their shoulders whilst doing so in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, monsters and gorgeous sunset vistas. Aahhh. I may have lied about the vistas. If this sounds like your cuppa, and you have not subscribed to the comic, I know you can buy the individual issues in any Waitrose store every Saturday, and from some independant comic stoes such as GOSH Comics in London.

Next up if the fiction series I have been working so hard on with the fantastic and awesome award-winning author Guy Bass; 'Atomic!' Both the books in the series, 'The Vengeance of Vinister Vile' and 'The Madness of Madame Malice' are out on the 2nd of February, published by Scholastic UK, and they are going to ROCK! Guy has written such a fun, energetic, funny and intense story, and it was an absolute pleasure to illustrate it. What could be more fun to illustrate than a story of two boys who are the children of the world's greatest super-hero and the world's most evil, diabolical super-villain?! I've worked super, mega-hard on the illustrations (there's comic sections and everything in this book, take a looksee here), and am thrilled to finally see them on the shelves. But yes, phew. Enough self-promotion. I need to get back to work.

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