Monday, 25 July 2011

Ammo Magazine Contribution

This month in the wonderful Ammo Magazine #7, you will find an illustration by none other than myself. I was really chuffed to be able to contribute to Ammo; I think it's SUCH a nicely designed little magazine showcasing some jaw-dropping work, and so I was flattered to be able to take part. The piece I did for the magazine can be seen above, titled 'Flight'. I was so pleased with the way the colours printed on the mag too; it looks just as it did on my Photoshop screen. Also in this months issue are glorious pieces from my fellow YARNfest dude-ios Hidden Dingbat Collective and Twitter friend and illustrator-maestro Gaia Bordicchia so you know it's going to be sweet. As sweet a deal as you can imagine for a few hard earned quids. If you would like to buy the issue, or at least see more of Ammo Magazine, you can over here, my friends, you can over here. Photos courtesy of Ammo Magazine.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Website Down...FOR NOW.

Hi guys!

Just a quick note about my expires today, and I am still in the process of updating and rebuilding a new website, so it will be down for a time. I do have an under construction page, but my URL host is messing me around a bit right now and isn't allowing me to link the page to my URL...yet. Blimey, excuse all this rubbish I'm writing; basically, my site will still be but will take a while to come back online. The best place for news and new artwork will be this blog for now, and I'm still more than happy (chuffed, some would say) to read and reply to emails on my usual address:

Thanks so much for your patience! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait; the new site I'm building is a lot simpler and will allow me to update it A LOT more regularily. Good times ahead, eh?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Here There be Faeries...

Hello, hello!
I've been mega-super-busy doing black and white illustrations for an upcoming book series which is so, soooooo cool, I really can't wait to reveal more. But in a panic of not having updated my blog for a while (I was doing so well last month...but then again...there were'nt evil, ominous deadlines looming over me...), here is an illustration I did JUST before I started on the comissioned illustrations.
It's for an idea I've had for a while...something I tried to do in comic form, then as illustrations...then I was thinking maybe a web-comic...but, for reasons usually related to work-loads etc etc blah blah...not much has happened with it! So for the time being, at least; I hope you can enjoy this as a stand-alone illustration.

Until next time, comrades!