Friday, 26 June 2009

Children's Book Ideas in Progress.

Poor, poor wolf. An 'in the making' illustration from a children's book idea I am working on. It involves a wolf. And snow. And a moon.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tobacco Road Album Cover

The above is a cover I have recently done for a rockin' band called Tobacco Road. The one below is a variant I did...slightly more abstract I feel, but the one at the top was the chosen, final design. It was very weird for me to do, I don't usually do portraits so I was a bit scared to draw the band (I love drawing people, but as soon as they want a likeness to an existing person I begin to tremble) but hey, it worked out much better than I thought it would and it was a great experience to give it a go!
I'm gunna be doing the ol' rite of passage travel around Europe for a month in two weeks time, so I'm gunna try and post quite a few things before I go, just to give you something to digest whilst I'm away (don't worry, I'll have my sketchbook and will be brimming with art and ideas when I get back!).

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mobius Strip Coloured Page.

Aaaand without further ado, here is the finished page! Minus the text. TADDUUUUMM! It's actually looking quite a lot different to how I imagined it in my head, but hey, that goes for pretty much every single illustration i do. Ahhh...the mind's eye, what a fine canvas...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Graphic Novel in Development.

Here is a page from my graphic novel, which is going to be titled 'Mobius Strip' (it makes sense in the story, you'll have to trust me, I haven't titled it with a 'crazy' name to try and be cool...i hope...), in development. It looks pretty bare and boring, but I thought it might be interesting to show how I go about doing comics. Perhaps I should have scanned in my pencils before i inked it up, but that would have been me thinking ahead, and unlikely situation.

These are my inked drawings, awaiting my wacom tablet to colour them up, but I'm gunna go get some ice cream before that happens. There will eventually be a forest in the background, but at the moment my characters will have to just enjoy floating about in space. I know I would.