Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cogg and Sprokit in: 'Friendly Fire'.

HIGH FIVE! This week marks the start of my next Cogg and Sprokit 7-part mini-series, 'Friendly Fire',  in The Phoenix! I have been working my proverbial socks off on this extended adventure (don't worry, my actual socks remained firmly on my feet throughout the entire production), so I really hope that any readers who happen to stumble upon this adventure really do enjoy it. It revolves around a race between the world's top adventurers for the fabled treasure 'The Sapphire Sun'. But as tensions grow, so too does Cogg and Sprokit's partnership, and our favourite boy and hippo double-team decide to go their seperate ways and find new partners. GASP! 'It cannot be!!!', I hear you cry, well, perhaps a quick subscription to The Phoenix Comic or journey to your local Waitrose is in order so you can pick up some copies and get a few damnable answers!
But seriously - (and I know I'm biased), but The Phoenix is constantly supplying the ultimate in top quality children's comics, every single week, and what could be cooler than getting kids into comics, right? The creators are doing incredible things in that comic, the artwork is sublime, and the stories gripping, so if you haven't, please do check 'em out! It really is an honour to be in a comic alongside such talent. If you're having trouble finding issues, the Phoenix website has a great list of stores that stock the comic, and a list of back issues you can order direct, too. Convenient, huh? But yes. I shall stop preaching my sales pitch, and leave you to enjoy some awesome comics.

Friday, 17 August 2012


An illustration I did for the ever wonderful Laura Anderson for her birthday. It's an in-joke, but I thought you guys might still enjoy a baby monkey, riding on a pig.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The (very) Dark Knight

A current obsession of mine...

And speaking of Batman, check out who's looking on in wonder at Cogg's athletic abilities in this weeks' Olympic themed Waitrose Weekend Magazine. If you have a Waitrose nearby, do try and grab a copy, they're free and the pages are littered with everyone's favourite Phoenix characters having a rather splendid game of catch around the articles!Just what I would do if I were 2D.