Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sketches, Stuff and a tad Nonsense...

Yeeeeesh, these days feel like they're literally flying by! How are you, you lovely people?! I am tired, stressed, working hard, and still having the time of my life doing this wonderful job. I thought I'd upload a couple of my sketchbook pages, all of them for various things (or just for fun) and all of them work (or don't) to varying degrees. I should probably try and make a habit of uploading sketchbook pages, I know I love looking at the sketchbooks of artists I like, sometimes even more than the finished pieces (just because it's great to see the workings out of images, the immediacy of the line work and the ideas just flowing onto the page...wwwwwoooo, look at me getting all geared up into University annotation mode...), it's just that my sketchbooks can often be an absolute mess and mixture of the good, the bad and the plain un-comprehendable...
I was thinking of setting up a shop on my website, as I have recently had quite a few requests for prints and such, and really need a nice, easy place to offer such things on my site. I may even try and sort out badges and cool things which bring a bit of sunshine to a cold, winters morning. I'll try and get something like that sorted...a to the s...to the, um, a...right over to the...p.

Monday, 25 October 2010


A little poster for you. It was inspired by the classic 'mecha and girl' anime that we all know and love, which is a bit of a departure for me...I tend to draw robots that are big and clunky and look like they are about to die of rust. Not that this robot isn't big and clunky. And I suspect that he suffers from the occasional rust. But you know. As for the girl...sometimes, it's just nice to draw a girl. You know how it is. You know.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


A little commissioned piece I did last week. Aahh...halcyon days. Autumn afternoons. Luverly chillout music. Birds and bicycles. But enough about my walk home. I had a lot of fun doing this illustration, and it was a nice little break from my 'work' work. AND HOW.

In other news, I fixed the problems on my site, I know some of you were experiencing them, those damn gremlins. It's Flash's fault, I tells ya! Flash and I, we get on like...well...like...a shark and a prawn. A drunken prawn, at that. Still working hard on Lobo and an idea for some illustrated fiction, I will do my best to keep you posted!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Bad Machinery Guest Strip

Last week is was very happy to do a guest comic strip for the awesome 'Bad Machinery' web comic by John Allison. I've been a fan of this comic, and his previous 'Scary Go Round', for years, so it was a real privelage to add my pen strokes tosomething I'm such a big fan of.

If you haven't seen or read the webcomic, hop to it!


Trust me, you won't regret it. In other news, I totally nearly grew a beard the other day.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Black and White Ideas...

An illustration for an illustrated fiction idea I have. Just trying to get back into doing black and white illustrations...

Monday, 4 October 2010

Some More Early Concept Stuff...

Here's another picture of Lobo with his siblings. Still just trying to get the look right, again, this is quite an early piece, but it was a big leap for me in the direction I wanted to take the look of the book. On a side note, there is a massive, fat patridge sitting on a fence outside. He looks incredibly bored, but I could be wrong, he could just be really studying that one spot on the ground.