Thursday, 17 November 2011

Spokit says 'Good Day' (and other such Phoenix related news items)

And here is Sprokit! Hopefully you will become the best of friends.

In Cogg and Sprokit related news (totally freakin' AWESOME news, more like), The Phoenix comic is now available for subscription on the website (Jumping camels!!) Check it out, you guys, right over here!

And that's not all! Oh no! You can also get a free copy of the special, limited ISSUE 0 (cue thunder and menacing laughing) as of TODAY!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! With lots of samples of the incredible comic strips which will be appearing in The Phoenix as of this January. I am actually so excited, I could bake a canal boat.
To get your free Issue 0, best follow these instructions, which will explain it a lot better than I could in my ink-induced, half-salivating, half-dribbling, semi-sane state.

Ciao bellas.


Nicholas Hong said...

great character design! very cute! :)

Jon Davis said...

Good stuff. Really nice character study sheet as a whole as well :)