Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wild Thing Gets a Dog Published Tomorrow!

Hello hello and a very happy lunch-time to you all (unless, of course, in the very highly-likely case you're not reading this the moment it's published, a very good other-time of day to you).

The amazingly heart-warming, hilarious and down-right wonderful book series I have had the pleasure to illustrate recently, 'WILD THING', written by the incredible Emma Barnes, has the publication of book 2 in the 3 book series tomorrow! The book is titled: 'Wild Thing gets a Dog', and...well, I won't give too much away. But trust me (spoiler alert!): there is a clue in the title. I really cannot recommend this book enough, so much so that the fact that I have just begun illustrating the 3rd (and potentially final) book in the series has me both leaping with glee and holding my head in sadness, I'm going to miss the mischievous and mega-naughty adventures of the ever-wild Josephine.

*Best sales-person-type-voice-thingy* Available from all good book stores as of tomorrow! Here is just one such place.