Monday, 25 July 2011

Ammo Magazine Contribution

This month in the wonderful Ammo Magazine #7, you will find an illustration by none other than myself. I was really chuffed to be able to contribute to Ammo; I think it's SUCH a nicely designed little magazine showcasing some jaw-dropping work, and so I was flattered to be able to take part. The piece I did for the magazine can be seen above, titled 'Flight'. I was so pleased with the way the colours printed on the mag too; it looks just as it did on my Photoshop screen. Also in this months issue are glorious pieces from my fellow YARNfest dude-ios Hidden Dingbat Collective and Twitter friend and illustrator-maestro Gaia Bordicchia so you know it's going to be sweet. As sweet a deal as you can imagine for a few hard earned quids. If you would like to buy the issue, or at least see more of Ammo Magazine, you can over here, my friends, you can over here. Photos courtesy of Ammo Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Lovely work, really like the lighting, very suggestive !

Gaia said...

Hello! I only just saw this, thank you so much!! :D
Love this new illustration, the light is beautiful and she has a long. long "scarf" - Jamie's signature!
Can't wait to receive my copy, but knowing the italian post, it will take a month... sigh

Darren Whittaker said...

Oh man, i'm seriously loving the turq. Sehr gut Jamal x