Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Here There be Faeries...

Hello, hello!
I've been mega-super-busy doing black and white illustrations for an upcoming book series which is so, soooooo cool, I really can't wait to reveal more. But in a panic of not having updated my blog for a while (I was doing so well last month...but then again...there were'nt evil, ominous deadlines looming over me...), here is an illustration I did JUST before I started on the comissioned illustrations.
It's for an idea I've had for a while...something I tried to do in comic form, then as illustrations...then I was thinking maybe a web-comic...but, for reasons usually related to work-loads etc etc blah blah...not much has happened with it! So for the time being, at least; I hope you can enjoy this as a stand-alone illustration.

Until next time, comrades!


i am Lil said...

Aaaaaaamazing!! (as usual) Love the colours, lOVE the glow and love the feet ;)

Jess said...

Awww, those colours are beautiful! Love the use of complementary shades for the lighting effect, it works so well. Good job sir! :D

Jon Davis said...

Well done on all the book work.
I like this pic, nice treatment of the fairies :)