Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Oh my goodness. After all of those 'Doodle-a-day' antics and regular blog updates, my blog has suddenly become dry as a desert! I must apologize for this. I have disgraced myself. But in truth, I was on a very important expedition that could finally result in the discovery of the yeti (aka; The Abominible Snowman). We are so close.

That, or I have been EXTREMELY busy with work. Yes, that one. But hopefully these lack of blog posts will be made up for when loads of my ACTUAL proefessional work is released...and soon! Woooopheee!! And in this spirit; I get to make an announcement later this week about one of my projects. HUUUZZAAAAHHH!!! I am finally allowed to start revealing some things! So as soon as I get the go-ahead, BAM, it will be omn this blog. Until then; thanks so much for sticking around, and here is a speed painting I did before I disappeared into the depths of deadlines. I think practice is in order when things quiet down...

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Gillibean said...

Wow this is awsome! The overcast lightingnis great and the tree is so pretty. Reminds me of my time in china.