Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Splat on the Face

This looks a bit like my studio. No, no, not really, I did my annual clean-up earlier this week, there's now only about half the amount of ink and paint on the floor!

I did this illustration in the freer, more explosive style of my upcoming book 'Mum's the Word'. Man; I love using watercolour. As long as it goes well *shudders and thinks of all the horrifying moments when the entire drawing is ruined by the slip of a brush, the bleeding of paint, the hand brushing over still-wet-areas...shudder) As much as I love digital, it's soooo nice to get the chance to swap between the mediums! I hope you like it!

1 comment:

i am Lil said...

Oh... my... GAD.
THIS IS SO FREAKIN' AWESOME. New levels of awesome, Jamie. New levels... Everything about this screams 'children's picture book!' The line work and shapes are sooooo lovely, there's just so much character and life and and and...GASP... I COULD GO ON AND ON. Seriously, though, if publishers don't go for this, something is incredibly wrong with the world.