Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I have no idea how one plays hopscotch, all I know if that it involves hopping around the place. I think.

So, currently I am in that weird time between projects, a Cogg and Sprokit Christmas special done and dusted, and my next project looming happily on the horizon. These (thankfully) quiet moments doesn't happen all too often, so I thought I'd use this precious time to work really hard on new portfolio images and just try to get those personal illustration ideas I've had in my brain out on to paper. It's actually very exciting and fun to do, so I'll try and post as many as I can over the coming weeks. Before I escape on holiday. That's right: I'm going on summer holiday in November. I'm that guy. I hope you enjoy them all! SWOOOOOOOSH! (Autumnal sound).

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