Friday, 7 December 2012

Free Kitchen! WAAHOOO!!

After a dramatic return from Thailand (I walked through Gatwick passport control at about at least 2 metres per minute, I thought to myself; 'It is nigh time for a blogpost, Mr. Littler'. Right you are, Jamie.

Thailand was AMAZING, and a much needed break, and it was the first time in my memory I have been trekking into a jungle, ridden elephants, climbed into caves and ridden a quoadbike over forested mountains, whilst meeting some of the friendliest people around (the Earth, Just hangin'. Y'know), and I have come back feeling refreshed and raring to go with illustration and other such creative activities!! Just in time for the Christmas break. But here's another personal children's book illustration, just to say hi.


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i am Lil said...

EEEEEEEY! I forgot about this bad boy! AMAZING. The colours are so vibrant and TASTY :D xxx