Monday, 14 November 2011

Cogg says; 'Alright?'


As promised (ages ago, I know...), I shall now begin posting up some designs for my upcoming comic series 'Cogg and Sprokit'. Look at them go! Without wanting to give too much away, hopefully these drawings will just start to show a little about the characters. Maybe. Who knows, eh?! It's so weird looking back on these now that I am well underway working on the project and am used to drawing the characters...they were so new to me back then. I suppose that's because I'd never drawn them before. Did you know I am a part-time detective?

Aaaaaaaanyway, without further ado, here is Cogg! Tah daaaaaah! Sprokit will be soon to follow as well as a few other tidbits, and don't forget that January is when this comic will first see the light of day, like a dinosaur hatching from the egg. I can't wait!

1 comment:

Jon Davis said...

Good stuff. Nice bit of character work. I find hippo's really hard to do, so doubly impressed with this :)