Saturday, 26 June 2010

The End Result.

And here it is! Wow, it will be a relief not to see any more of this image on my blog...
I basically added more orange to the lighting to make it really look like the creatures were heading out of a canopy and into a strong light source. Hopefully, this just adds a bit more atmosphere, which I think is incredibly important in 'narrative' illustration, and just basically adds a bit more 'badass', as it is technically known in the business.
I added the branches and foreground leaves, again, for a bit more of a 'canopy' feel, and voila! It is complete. Hopefully you may have found this step by step example interesting. This is a very general approach that I take to illustrations, although I tend to be quite sporadic and never stick to one tried and proven method, I approach each illustration I do slightly differently, but I think this gives quite a good idea of how I tend to work. Digitally, that is. Watercolours is a whole different kettle of fish. Perhaps I will do a watercolour step by step one day...
And never fear! I have other illustrations to put up on the blog which ISN'T this one! WAHEY!
Thanks for stopping by!

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