Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mum's the Word Publication Day

At long last, the countdown is over!! My debut children's book, 'Mum's the Word', written by the great Timothy Knapman and published by Hodder Children's Books, is out today!

HUZZINGO I hear you cry!

It's been emotional, guys. I hope you've enjoyed the few examples of development work I have posted up over the last week - if you would like to see how the book and artwork ended up'll have to grap a copy of the book, available here, at places like Amazon (are we allowed to advertise that place?!) and Waterstone's and all other good bookshops and such et al etc etc. Or, the few examples on my website. But yes...what a ride. What excitement. I'm so chuffed with this book, and really hope you all enjoy it. On to the next one, I guess...

See ya soon!

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Gaia said...

Congratulations!!! It looks lovely :)