Friday, 1 February 2013

Mum's the Word Designs

And he gets an image in for today, with 5 minutes to spare! Hah - there is no way I forgot that I was meant to be posting some developmental stuff for 'Mum's The Word' every day until its release (on the 7th of February! Repetition - repetition), no way at all.

I have sketchbooks and enough watercolours pages to make more sketchbooks filled with designs for Max the puppy...he originally started life as a wolf character I had in mind quite a few years ago, and slowly became more and more domesticated and, well, puppy like. So we thought - chuck a collar on that wolf, he is now a puppy. A bit like sticking a fork in a potato when it's done. But with a puppy. And no fork. That would just be cruel. We (we, being the wonderful team at Hodder and myself)thought that making the character into a dog, and bringing him into a house environment instead of the wilds, would make the character and his relationship with his mother more recognisable and relatible for the audience, more cozy and familiar. Unless you live out in the wilds. In which case; I'm dreadfully sorry. Maybe next time. It's so weird to see these designs again - it feels like so long ago now that I did them...

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