Monday, 17 September 2012

Breathing Space & Hachette Cover Roughs

Corr blummy, what a couple of months! I must apologise for my lack of bloginating, the 'Friendly Fire' Cogg & Sprokit adventure has really had me tied up, but it is now complete and ready to rock! Well, it's already started being published in The Phoenix (I believe we've had 3 of the episodes already!), but all 7 are now done and in the bag, and man; did I love doing it! It was all 'BLAM!', 'KABLOOIE', *emotional scene*, 'SMASH!!' etc etc, and I'm very proud of the litte guy (the series, not Sprokit. Although I'm rather proud of him too) And do not fret, Cogg & Sprokit shall return for an explosive Christmas special, and I maaaay have another comic series in its planning stages, but I'm not sure who told you that. But it's now time to get back to grips with my online personna - that means more blog posts, an up-dated site and I'm really going to smash out a whole load of new children's book artwork too, before all the comic and book deadlines re-appear!

So, to start things off: above are two rough covers I did for Hachette for Hilary McKay's 'Casson Family' series (well, one of the books, 'Caddy's World'). The brief was to have a really messy, fun cover filled with elements that happen in the book, but unfortunately this is as far as it's going to go. The artwork is going in a different direction (though it had nothing to do with my artwork, I'm assured), which is a real shame, but I still had a great time and experience on this comission, and thought I'd show you guys the primary sketches. I did a whole load of them, but these two were my favourite's, I think. I hope you enjoy! So, uh, yeah, catch you later.

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