Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Claudia the Witch Samples from Years Gone By.

I thought that today, perhaps due to rain induced madness, that I will share with you a project I worked on a few years ago with Templar Publishing which unfortunately never saw the light of day. It was about a witch who didn't quite fit in. But who does, in this day and age? Yes, you've guessed it, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

But what I CAN tell you with some respectable amount of certainty is that I had a really, REALLY fun time doing these samples, and would love one day to re-envisage the idea and try and make it work again. One day...perhaps. But I hope you enjoy these peices! The top one of Claudia the witch feeding her pet is on my website and is my Twitter background, but I think the others have been lurking away in my hard-drive, waiting for their moment to shine. GO, GO!! I'll post some more soon! I hope everyone is well! :D


i am Lil said...

I can't believe Templar never went through with this!!!! HOW dare they! *stomps to London as that's where Lil assumes Templar are based*
But ANYWAY, i loveloveloveloveloveLOVE these illustrations and the idea! You should totally develop this and get it published, Templar will be sorry! (I really hope nobody from Templar can see this...oops)
Errrm, the point of this comment is to completely and utterly praise your talents once again, amazing work, just amazing. I feel I should end on a famous un-funny pun, but I'm not sure WITCH one to use....

Yeh, i'm going to go now *sigh*

Jamie Littler said...

Lil, you are amazing, you definitely deserve the crown of Puns. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF PUNS.

Yeah, it was a real shame about this project and Templar, I guess they had no more BROOM on their children's book list. Oh dear, oh dear, I don't know if that was even legal. But seriously, thank you so much, that's incredibly kind of you, and it's extremely heartening! :)

Jess said...

I have to agree with Lil. These are GORGEOUS! I can't pick which one is my favourite... they're so fun and full of character and perfectly drawn. I especially love the little fluffy dog amongst all the black cats :) What a shame! I hope Claudia gets her well-deserved fame soon :D

i am Lil said...

Aaaah I only just saw your comments here, BROOM...oh my, that WAS a good'un. I'm surprised we haven't been arrested for this kind of punnery y'know, or maybe we're going through a funny spell.....ahem.
Aaaand LOOK IT'S JESS!!! Jamie, let me introduce you to Jess, a good friend of mine, also went to Falmouth and I do believe you both live in St.A's :) How exciting is this! HI Jess, hi Jamie, let's all make amazing artwork and take over the world! :D

Jamie Littler said...

Ah, guys, thank you so, so much! :) You can't see me right now, but I'm blushing. And also singing along to a song really loudly. That's extremely kind of both of you! And, Hi Jess! Nice to meet you! A fellow resident of sunny S.T.A, how cooool!