Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Canine Comrades and Soupazines.

Good day to you (it is rather fantastic weather here where I am...)!

Busy, busy week getting lots of things ready for the upcoming Bologna Book Festival (I swear it's ALWAYS just around the corner...), which, once again, I can't show juuuust yet (I'm sooorrryyy!!), BUT, here's a sample illustration I did a few weeks ago involving, that's right, you guessed it, our favourite canine comrades (Wolves). I was actually quite happy with this, which is quite rare for me, but I have to keep pushing my children's book style and making it better. I suppose that's the aim of all artists, you've never got a 'perfect' illustration, it can always be better. You gotta want it! But for now, and on a Wednesday, I'm rather happy with this one. But there is a rumour going round that these characters are being developed into dogs, and not wolves at all...

Oh! And the wonderful Soupa Network has a new zine out which you can read here, and it does involve myself, some jellyfish and a little live drawing event I was a part of last month, as well as the other great Soupa artists who were involved in other events during YARNfest. It's a really great read, and oh yes, it looks gawgeous. Thanks to Jo for putting this bad boy together!

But yes, happy end of March to youses!

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