Friday, 18 February 2011

YARNfest 2011

Ah yeahs, just a gentle reminder about YARNfest!

Here's the link to their site again, just incase you missed it:

It's shaping up to be a really, really great weekend. A festival of storytelling, literature, art and illustration, and many illustrators from the network I am a part of; Soupa, will be taking part in the various events, including the Zine Workshop on Saturday. I'm gunna drop by and show my support!

And then on the Monday at the Queen of Hoxton, I will be one of the four artists battling it out in 'Cover Wars!' trying to design and illustrate a new cover for Hanif Kureishi's 'The Buddah of Suburbia', which will then be judged by the author himself and Jon Gray from the design studio Gray318 (gulp). It should be a really good night, the other artists are brilliant and i will be attempting to draw and paint on A2 paper...which I haven't done since college! It will definitely be a site! So yes...I will hopefully see you there!

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