Thursday, 17 February 2011


Well, I still have to wait a bit before I can show the illustration work I've been working on (I'm very excited, but I can't show it until the stuff has either been released or announced etc...please bare with me!)

So I'm just scouring my sketchbooks at the moment to keep this blog alive! I found these images of WAR (RRRAAGGH) which I thought I'd post, as they are no longer going to be used (I drew this MASSIVE battle scene, spanning numerous was painful to just drop it, but hey, that's what this blog is for!). But to show I'm not some bloodthirsty beast, here's a cheeky paper cut-out musk oxen as well, for your delictation.


Jon Davis said...

Wow, really cool battles and warriors.
And I really like the bison/yeti chap at the top. The cut paper technique really suits it somehow, and it's a really good colour mix in it.

Jamie Littler said...

Thanks a lot mate, those comments are very much appreciated! I quite enjoyed the cut-out approach, I don't do it much so it was pretty fun!