Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Variety of Things for Your Viewing Pleasure...

Here is the finished article...the final flyer for the RIVALS night. I'm rather chuffed with it all, I must say.
The design above it of the whale is for the clothing line Step Up, which is a company who deal with social and ecological issues, with all profits and proceeds going to charities around the world. I'm not going to get into any big political debates on my blog, but I do feel quite strongly about the whale hunting trade, as I mentioned once earlier in my blog with a similar illustration i did. To watch a species dissapear off the planet for cash is a sickening thought. This design will eventually be a tee design...when the company finally gets up and running (fingers crossed it will be soon.
By the way...I don't only draw animals. Although I do draw a lot fo them. Maybe I should post something else next time...? Either way, here's a sketch of a bear, which is different to all the sea creatures I draw, at least. Although he has been soaked by rain.

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