Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sketchbooks and Agents!

Ah, I'm here, I'm here! Ooops, bit of a delay in posting, but I have been immensley busy trying to get back into the swing of being an illustrator!
Whenever I'm cruising round blogs or artists' sites, I often find the most interesting and inspiring stuff are sketches...the artists imagination and thoughts put down on paper, no strings attached. So I thought I'd try and upload a few more sketchbook pages from now on...my sketchbooks are extremely messy and don't follow any particular pattern or order (infact, there's about another sketchbooks worth of loose paper sketches which I have to shove in the back of the book itself...), but I hope you'll enjoy it! The above are sketches for the Wolf idea I've been working so relentlessly over.
And in other news, I am thrilled to say I have just signed up with Jodie Marsh at United Agents for representation in all things children's books! Hurrah! The link is right over here:
Til next time...

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