Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tobacco Road Album Cover

The above is a cover I have recently done for a rockin' band called Tobacco Road. The one below is a variant I did...slightly more abstract I feel, but the one at the top was the chosen, final design. It was very weird for me to do, I don't usually do portraits so I was a bit scared to draw the band (I love drawing people, but as soon as they want a likeness to an existing person I begin to tremble) but hey, it worked out much better than I thought it would and it was a great experience to give it a go!
I'm gunna be doing the ol' rite of passage travel around Europe for a month in two weeks time, so I'm gunna try and post quite a few things before I go, just to give you something to digest whilst I'm away (don't worry, I'll have my sketchbook and will be brimming with art and ideas when I get back!).

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