Wednesday, 26 June 2013

In the Jungle, the Miiiiighty Jungle...

Corr blimey, is that some artwork I see?! On this blog?!!!!!!! Yes, observational reader: your senses haven't abandoned you, nor your mind left the country: this is indeed an illustration I did (relatively) recently, and have only been able to show it in all of its finery.

It was a concept piece for Hodder Children's Books in the hope of getting me another children's picture book project, but due to timing/schedule issues, it was never to be. Still, I got to draw a lion, so it's a win in my book. And never fear: there are a lot of very exciting children's book projects that I am working frantically on (hence the deathly silence of my blog as of late), all of which will be the most spectacular of releases. More soon!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

'Monsters of Medway' at Fuze Festival - 15th of June

This Saturday (the 15th of June, a most special of 15th's), I shall be taking part in comicking madness at the 'Monsters of Medway' activity tent at the Fuze Festival near Chatham, alongside such spectacular comic creators as Gary Northfield, Neill Cameron, Laura Anderson, David O'Connell and Alex Milway! And check out that awesome poster, drawn by the incredible David O'Connell!

There shall be drawing. There shall be monsters. There shall be workshops from us artists as to how to draw comics and characters. And monsters. There shall be drawing show-downs, drawing activities and general comic mayhem, as well as monsters. There shall be books on sale, and there shall be laughter. And excitement. And genuine giddy laughter and frivolity. And monsters. I hope to see you there!