Friday, 5 October 2012

Sploosh! (And an updated website)

Autumn is coming, my coat is getting wet, please put a penny in the old man's...het? I's October...and rain...and stuff. Ahem. It's been a long week. Whilst in town I actually saw a child dressed like this go out of her way to leap into a hear about this kind of reckless act all the time, but I thought it was one of the most incredible things to actually witness first hand. Living the dream, that kid was, living the dream.

I also did this piece last week as a contribution for Matt Timms' charity fund rasing run for the WWF charity, a charity I feel very strongly about and was delighted to be able to support. There's an etsy stort over here which has lots of different illustrations and sketches created by many different illustrators and animators to raise money for the run, so please check it out! All proceeds go to WWF, so it's a win-win situation!

I also updated my website this week, which has been long overdue (I seriously can't believe how fast time flies), and most of the sections (except for concept art) have new and updated pieces in them, so please, if you have the time, grab a cuppa and have a peruse!


Jess said...

Website is looking fantastic! Good job sir :D xx

i am Lil said...

I've grabbed MANY cuppas (of coffee) and had MANY peruses :) Your talent never fails to astound me. And seriously, this new work - YOU'RE ONTO A WINNER. Promise. xxxx

Jamie Littler said...

Thank you so much, you guys! You're too kind, it really is appreciated :)