Friday, 13 July 2012

Another Alien and Pop Up!

Gutentag my little rockafellas!
Man - still (STILL) waiting for permission before I can reveal any of the artwork I've been working on so hard this year (and last) that isn't Cogg and Sprokit related, so here's another piece from one of my on-going fiction ideas. That alien is most CERTAINLY feeling left out. But I guess you would, wouldn't you? School is hard enough without antennae's complicating things.

Oh, and also, last (last) week I took part in the incredible Pop Up Festival Comics Big Top of Awesome...which was, well, pretty awesome, actually. You know what, I'm really starting to dig these workshop and live drawing thingies. Whilst the nerves are still there, I actually find the enjoyment completely overrides the fear! So...HUZZAH for sure. Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the day so awesome, and all the kids were great and so willing to get stuck in with comic making. There's some absolutely fantastic talent out there, let me tell you. Us older illustrators had better watch out. Here's some photo of the evnt, courtesy of Sarah McIntyre!
Here's me just hangin' with felloe Phoenix comic artist extraordinaire Niell (Pirates of Pangaea) Cameron, just doing our thing.
And the whole comics-pro team that made the day so successful (and such a pleasure it was to be counted as a professional amongst these people!) From left to right: Niell Cameron, Nana Li, Sarah McIntyre, Gary Northfield, Myself, Jamie Smart and David O'Connell. All in all; a brilliant day, and I'd really like to thank Sarah and David for inviting me to such a thing. I always think two guests called Jamie adds a certain special 'something' to an event, too. As a finishing note, here is a link to Gary Northfield and I battling it out with just a pen and the most vicious of marine animals...

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