Friday, 13 April 2012

The Treasure Hunters Will Return!

Today is the release of The Phoenix issue 15, (for subscibers, at least) and marks the end of my first published extended adventure 'The Hunt', for my series Cogg and Sprokit. Man, that went by so fast. I learned a LOT whilst creating it - loads of things not to do again, things I should keep doing, what people liked, what they didn't and the long, intense, back-breaking, tear-inducing, social-life depraving amount of work it takes to write, draw, ink and colour a comic yourself. But I loved it. I really did, it was so fun, and I really, really hope anyone who read it enjoyed the ride too. If you did; you may be glad to hear that there is more 'Cogg and Sprokit' to come over the next few months, more cheeky one shots and *whisper* another extended adventure...all of which I've been trying my hardest to apply what I have learned from this first batch I have made. I may be new to this comic malarky, but it's all a rather swell learning curve! Until then, comrades!

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