Friday, 16 March 2012

Cogg and Sprokit Again (but more regular!)

Have Cogg and Sprokit met their match?! *GASP* This week launches the first of (hopefully many!) Cogg and Sprokit extended adventures that will be featured in The Phoenix! I have also begun writing the next extended story, so hopefully Cogg and Sprokit will be regularly spreading their adventurous wings in these longer stories, which is always cool, as more space means more action and even cheeky amounts of character depth! This one is called 'The Hunt', and will be a 5-parter running over the next 5 weeks, and it involves some rather vicious Genghis Khan-esque wolves and lots and lots of rope. Seriously didn't see that much rope being involved. But you know what they say; the more rope involved, THE MORE AWESOME AN ADVENTURE. It's true, I know.

But seriously; I hope that those of you who catch it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. I have also been scouring my sketchbooks and have found lots of character designs for both Cogg and Sprokit and Atomic!, which I will post up hopefully next week for your perusing pleasure. If only I could show some stuff from my children's book too. I'll ask Hodder very nicely and see what they say...

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