Monday, 20 June 2011

Pointe Blank - Coppelia Final Piece

Hello there!
Here are some things for you. If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably sick to death of this image by now, but if you don't; here's the final illustration I did for the Pointe Blank Coppelia project. I was very happy with it, all in all! And it was actually immense fun to do, the whole project was wonderful to be a part of. For the other entries (and believe me, they are all really, really beautiful), check out the online exhibition of the project here!

I went for a kind of 'dark, fairy-tale' vibe with this one, and this is always an ingredient to have great fun with. Darkness and despair, that's what I like to see, as I wear my black cape and stand at the top of my tower laughing evilly at the dastardly things I have planned. But yes, it's not meant to be that nasty...just to evoke a sense of Eastern European fairy tale, as the tale of Coppelia itself is rather lovely.

Also, I have begun doing some 'speed-painting' exercises...I've been reading lots of blogs and listening to various animators I respect with all my heart, and a lot of them recommend to just sit for half an hour and speed paint a teaches you a lot, or so they say (and I believe every word), we go. Half an hour. Painting number 1...I have a lot to learn...but here's hoping it's a step to VICTORY! If only I had a better digital tablet. Mine is so bad, and so un-responsive. Sigh. To have a cintiq...what a beautiful dream...(and to stop blaming my tools...siiiiigh).

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