Saturday, 14 May 2011

Doodle #9

This one's a bit different from my usual stuff, but I hope you like it! I was watching a music video of a girl running through a Scandinavian wildiness, and thought to myself: 'That might be quite nice to draw.' True story. So here it is...but really, it was just an excuse to smudge all my pencil lines.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday too, there were a lot of problems with Blogger as I'm sure you know. I will do an extra doodle to make up for it! Thanks, as always, for visiting!

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"TORI CAT" said...

I just left a comment on the post below...
After going thru your older posts of your bloggie wog, im super impressed.
I'm gunna make a link to your blog on my mine, under my inspiring talents list.... i'll be back soon!!!
Keep up the great work!!!
All the best,