Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pandas, Rats and Cats.

Hello there!
Well, 2011 is proving to be an extremely busy year already, which can only be a good thing. So, I am most certianly a happy bunny! I've been working on so many things at the moment which unfortunately I am not able to show for another few months, so in the meantime, here are a few sketches and STUFF. The panda and cat illustration was a watercolour comission I did for a dear, dear friend, and it was entirely painted...no digital. This was quite weird for me, but I completely enjoyed doing it and have decided to try and do more completely painted stuff, just to practice the ol' traditional hand. And things. Which leads us to the rat, which was also completely watercolour and ink, and was drawn for my awesome dad.


Darren Whittaker said...

Hahaha silly, silly cat. Chu know not to mess with them Pandas

AG said...

lovely animals! nice work!