Friday, 22 January 2010

Sketchbook Sketches (to distract you from the lack of evidence of finished pieces...)

WHHHOOAAA...January's almost over, this year is going a tad fast, I do declare.
It is a typically gloomy, miserable winter where I am, but you know what, I've come to love it. That was, infact, a complete lie.
But to distract me from those winter blues, I have been hard at work, but I still worry that I can't really show much stuff at the moment (I'm never sure of the legality of things like showing development work before the book is released, or whether I should keep the work secret for a bit maximise the tantilising-ness of the book...although who I'm tantilising other than myself, I do not know.), so in another stealthy move to keep this blog regular other than its favourite bran flakes, I'm going to upload things from my sketch book to give you wonderful people who do look at my blog something to look at.

1 comment:

Francesco said...

I love your sketchbook. It's so funny how you'll draw a cool animal like a tortoise, then add a seemingly irrelevant speech bubble, saying something like "Where did I leave my burrito?"*.

* I know you've never posted a picture of a tortoise, or ever written "Where did I leave my burrito?" in a speech bubble, but boy wouldn't it make a good picture!