Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas is coming...

ARGH! Apparently it's Christmas already?! When did this happen? Although the shops of my lovely town have been playing Christmas music since the beginning of November, so I shouldn've seen it coming. But as it's December, I reckon it's legally time for all things Christmassy.
And as such, here is one of the greetings cards I'll have for sale at the Soupa Market ( this month (one of 3...ooooooo), and another flyer for the wonderful folks at White Rabbit Promotions! That gig is on at The Horn in St.Albans on the 18th of December and features the very own band. Busy month indeed! Noel, comrades, noel.


Kyri Kyprianou said...

Thanks Jamie! Glad you like my work. Your website is great, your style is very much up my street. Have you had anything published yet?

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Yeah, we have a small offshoot called Illustrator's Lounge. But my main business is design for web and print. Here's the website:

It's a bit more steady work than illustration, but sometimes the two come hand-in-hand. I'm also working on a graphic novel in my spare time, but it's kind of scary! I've almost finished the script, which I'd imagine would convert to 120 odd pages in comic form. Probably more. Not sure if I'll ever finish it...but hey, I enjoy working on it!

Give us a shout when you've got some work to show, I'd love to have a look!