Monday, 2 November 2009

More Mischievous Mogs (Sorry, I had to...)

Here he is, Splodge in his current incarnation. Look at him go! I think I'll upload some more of his progress leading up to this point, but this is what he's currently looking like. It's weird, I'm not very used to using watercolour, I'm definately more in my element with digital painting, but I'll tell you what, I had so much fun using the REAL paints. It's been a suggestion for a while to add more of a 'children's book' feel to my work, so I'm doing a bit of experimentation to mix digital and watercolour together. It's nerve-wracking yet exciting times!


kirsty said...

i am very impressed with your watercolor, i am loving these new sketches :) x

Sarah said...

Ah I'm in love with this cat! your work really comes to life and you can tell he has real cheeky character hehe