Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Limited Ink Voting

Hey hey, this is quite quick, but it's another call to arms!!

If you would be able to help me out, and believe me, you would be massively, you could sign up to the great new clothing label Limited Ink and vote for one of two of my designs up on their page to go forward and become part of the companies next clothing range.

The link is as thus:


My designs are called 'Mammoth' and 'We're gunna need a bigger boat'. Thank you so very much, kind public and blog watchers! It is immenseley appreciated!

1 comment:

harriet gray said...

hiya! I'm great thanks, hope you are well! your work's looking as amazing as ever! (i've just voted for your t shirts as urghh... hehe only joking, they're ace. i love the mammouth one)
Yes i'm going to be doing some stuff for the soupa market, but i don't know if i'll be there in person as i may be in centreparcs! woo/boo!
i'm thinking of just doing the usual greetings cards, prints of my work, but might do some hand drawn mugs and pillows or something? not quite decided yet, luke wants to make some tshirts too. do you know what you're doing for it xxx