Monday, 9 March 2009


ARGH! Time certainly flies by. Time for another post.
I haven't got a lot of new stuff to show at the moment, mostly because I can't, at least, not until all the various bits and bobs get further down the line. I definately look forward to that day. But in the mean time, here is an editorial illustration I gave done recently concerning the Japanese whaling fiasco which began last year, involving the hunting of hundreds of whales for 'scientific' reasons. I'm relatively happy with it.
On a happier note, I've done another version of this illustration for a clothing company as well as quite a few others which will be released soon, but I'll save another post for that. And I'm a lot happier with THAT version of the above illustration.
In the mean time, however, please, live long and prosper.


gearfish said...

What a grisly image! Still, I agree that it will look rather attractive on a t-shirt.

Jamie Littler said...

Haha! Yeah, it's certainly one of my more extreme ones, but the tee is a lot more easy on the eye with a clearer message i reckon...or at least hope so! haha!

Francesco said...

I take it the top hat, monocle and the walking-come-dancing stick were blown off in the explosion?

If your avatar doesn't change to the M.o.D soon thee's going to be trouble.

Jamie Littler said...

HAHAHA! The posh party whale! How i miss his jolly face. This guy is definately not reaping the benefits of late nights and good times like the PPW does. A damn shame.