Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Kingfisher Books Concept Art

This is some conceptual art I did for Kingfisher Books last year. I won't divulge too much at the moment, but the actual book has the go ahead for later this year which I'm very excited about!

There were changes to this illustration, but there's something I like about this version, so I thought I'd post it up! And yes, your eyes aren't decieving you, those are Scottish warriors haunting a moor.


Mariann Balint said...

Hi Jamie!
I like the mystery of your pictures...when I was a little child this kind of picture turned on my fantasy...and it still does the same effect.:-)

Jamie Littler said...

Thanks a lot! If it's what you liked as a kid, hopefully it's what kids nowadays will like as well! How's it going?!