Friday, 23 January 2009

The Gramaphone

The wind is stirring.
The storm is coming.
There will be an exhibition soon.

It's going to be in a great venue called The Gramaphone on Commercial Street, London. They have a website:

There's gunna be a collection of illustrators there, and it's gunna be awesome. I'll post the flyer as soon as it's done with all the details. I'll be exhibiting a mix of final pieces and sketches, one of them being everyone's favourite black and white bamboo eating endangered animal. I'll leave you with that. x


gearfish said...

That panda is adorable. Are the newspaper shreds from something relevant?

Jamie Littler said...

Haha! Thankyou very much! No, unfortunately not, they're just for texture. A laid them down before a drew anything and filled in the gaps, it was the ol' 'see how it turns out as i go' ploy!