Saturday, 13 December 2008

Editorial Illustration

Well, it does seem like a while since i last updated this badboy, so I thought I'd better take care of that. I can't show anything that I'm currently working on until it's slightly further down the line, so I've posted some older illustrations, for your deliectation.

These two are editorial illustrations I did, one for an article concerning the effect the recent Sichuan province earthquake is going to have on China's youth, and a slightly more light hearted one revolving around blondes getting all the male attention. True story? I'll let you decide.
These weren't published, they were just practice illustrations i did once i graduated to keep the ol' pen hand moving. Yeah. A great cheer for Tom and Fran (and everyone else who has given me comments) who have so kindly been following my blog and have told me so.

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