Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pop-Up Fest Event - 30th of June!

I will tell you something. Something right now. This Saturday coming (June the 30th, for those reading this later in the year. I'm so sorry - I think you may have missed it) I, alongside a veritible bunch of awesome, inspiring comic creators, shall be taking part in the Pop Up Festival Comic Big Top of AWESOME. And yes, it SHALL be awesome, you can bet that pound in your hand right now. Basically, we shall be there to help children, teenagers and adults alike to make comics, we will be doing portfolio viewings and signings, and big, rousing illustration battles, how-to's and workshops! It should be really fun, the tent (what I've seen so far, at least) looks great, and the festival as a whole will have many inspiring authors and artists taking place, including the stupendous Guy Bass, author of my first fiction series 'Atomic!' I would write more, but the ever concise and literate Sarah McIntyre has written a great summary over here. There will be action, suspense, laughter, emotion and the possibility of one or two explosions of joy. So if you're in the area, please do come on down and say hi! (I'm also very new to these workshop/event thingies, so even though I will be the nervous artist shivering in the corner, I will be most pleased to see you loverly people!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Children's Fiction Ideas are EVERYWHERE.

Hello hello!
Here's another illustration for a children's fiction idea I have floating around my head. One day...one day...

In other news; I shall be making a comic workshop appearance alongside many other fantastic British creators at the 'Pop Up Festival of Stories' on Saturday, 30th of June. I'll do a proper blog post all about it, but I thought I'd mention it now...y'know, in case you had a diary handy or something. Ahem. I'm so excited about it - and completely terrified. I have never done anything like it before, so the butterflies are building up already. Should be a great show, though, and it's about time I got out of this studio and witnessed the world first hand, right?

Until then!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Vuun!...ah ah ah...Two!...ah aah ah

Today has involved lots of lots of Cogg and Sprokit ideas being made, raked through and disgarded/stored away for later use. But I think I'm finally onto a winner for the next one-shot! Waheeeeey!
I have also started on a new cover comission for Hachette - all in all - A FINE day. And to celebrate, here's a vampire. In its bat form, of course. See, I can get in on all of this vampire action too! Can't I? No? Okay.